Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What If Nothing Sounds Good To Eat When I'm Hungry?

As the creator of www.eatwhenyourehungry.com I get a lot of questions from people taking the journey into a non-dieting way of life, and I recently responded to a question that I think is worth sharing. A woman wrote to me to tell me that she sometimes feels very hungry but nothing appeals to her. "What should I do?" she asked. "And has that ever happened to you?"

What an excellent question...

In a word, yes. I definitely have experienced hunger coupled with an aversion to just about every food I can think of eating.  You see, sometimes we're hungry and absolutely nothing sounds good to eat. It happens to everyone sometimes.  So what should we do? As you know if you've read my book, I never tell people what they should do because every body is different. What I can share is what I do in those situations.

When I'm hungry but no food appeals to me I usually either wait until something DOES sound good, or I wait until I'm too hungry not to eat, in which case I'll decide what to eat and see if it satisfies me.  Remember, this is a journey which means that every experience is a learning opportunity. And while the goal is to have as much satisfaction in our eating as possible, every meal isn't always going to be 100 percent satisfying, and that's OKAY.  This is all a learning process and an EXPERIENCING process. It's not about perfection, but about getting in touch with what our bodies need....and learning how to honor that.

Sound good to you? I hope this helps...

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alaina said...

Stating that "every meal isn't going to be 100% satisfying & that's okay" had a PROFOUND impact on my relationship with food. I am a bit O.C.D. and that has worked its way into what I eat. If something isn't just right I start over looking for mostly unattainable perfection. I will try to remember ur words when I get carried away, unappreciative & distracted from the only purpose of eating.. survival! Lol